In DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE, Presented By The Boeing Company, we join two competing ALLIANCES collecting samples on Planet Primus. Unpredictable terrain and weather patterns make remote ROBOT operation essential to their mission on the planet. With only 2:30 until liftoff, the ALLIANCES must gather as many CARGO pods as possible and prepare their spaceships before the next SANDSTORM arrives.


"Royal Python"

i) Chassis
West Coast Style Chassis
○ Superior maneuverability compared to Kop chassis
○ Easy assembly and suitable material
○ Light weight thanks to durable and used profiles
○ Easy wheel replacement and installation

○ Due to the large distance between the wheels,
Larger space available for proper assembly

Aluminum belly pan for top mounting and climbing

○ Thanks to the topology on the belly pan, elect-
light and durable suitable for ronic assembly

710 x 780 mm (28 in x 30 in) frame
● Placing electronics and facilitating wiring
free space as possible for
ii) Wheel
● Against possible defensive situation and increase friction
reveal 2 traction wheel for
● 4 in front and rear to increase maneuverability
omni wheel
No Center Drop

○ Due to the use of omni wheels, maneuvering
no shortage

○ Compared to a long robot with a center drop

○ Since the wheels are on the ground, the wheels attached to the wheels are
The data received from the coder is the ratio of the center drop to the chassis.
la more correct

iii) Bumper
Fittings used to fix the bumpers
and profiles

● Cover matching the color of the alliance for quick pre-match changes

powered by 2 redline engines (1 / 487.5)
srx meg encoder was used for position control.
Chains were used to keep backlashi to a minimum.
Designed to reach cargoship and rocket 1 levels.
It has 230 degrees of mobility.

hub3 climb
2 pistons
600mm stroke
40mm bore 16mm piston rod diameter
front robot arm, rear 2 piston support is provided
Forward thrust is provided by the pg71 engine.

Polycarbonate structure that opens and closes with pneumatic piston
flex wheel intake
Two 775 pro work at 1/10 ratio.
3.5 inch flex wheels
cargo intake when open position
When in closed position, the hatch was designed as intake.